Model # 008-440-00

The standard CROC cable reel offers unparalleled durability and ease of use in a small package. With support for more than 1 km of 5 mm diameter tether, and options for motors, level winds, and distance counters, the CROC reel is suitable for almost any remote systems application, from ROVs to robotic crawlers to sonar systems, and more
  • Construction

    6061-T6 Aluminum and Acetal

  • Weight

    12.3 kg/27 lbs. (without cable or level wind)

  • Slip-ring

    - 8 Conductor, 28 AWG, 240 VDC/AC (options for higher voltage, extra conductors, fiber optic, etc.)

  • Options

    - Adjustable level-wind motorized payout/retrieval.
    - Deployment arm/ sheave.
    - Integrated cable counter.
    - OEM/White Label branding available upon request.

  • Capacity
Cable Diameter
Max Length
5 mm [0.2 in]
1,300 m [4,200 ft]
8 mm [0.3 in]
500 m [1,650 ft]
10 mm [0.4 in]
300 m [1,000 ft]

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