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Reach Systems offers innovative solutions for remote viewing and cable management across a wide range of applications and industries. We specialize in providing services related to advanced cable handling and confined space inspections, including subcontract engineering, prototype manufacturing and project management.

Why Reach Systems

Reach Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures remote equipment and advanced cable handling products for industrial applications in oil and gas, petrochemical, subsea and other marine related markets. We specialize in OEM cable reels, winches and underwater cameras, but also offer turnkey video inspection systems and a range of accessories including subsea rated encoder wheels, cable counters, and field LCD monitors.

Reach Systems


Reach Systems


Artemis Cameras.

Visual Innovation, Visible Value.

Reach Systems Artemis Cameras are designed as compact modules to support a range of applications, including remote inspections, permanent installations, and personnel safety & monitoring. They can also operate as part of a remote robotic inspection system. Simple, durable, and reliable, these camera units offer high-resolution H.264 and MJPEG video streaming over a 10/100 Base TX Ethernet network connection. All Artemis cameras provide excellent lowlight performance and a wide field of view, making them ideal for mounting on robotic systems, as stand-alone cameras for confined space operations, or as part of an inspection and monitoring system for subsea applications.

Applications Include:

Every Reach Systems IP camera is available with our viewing and control software, providing access to advanced features like defog and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR).

Confined space or underwater inspections

Pipe, caisson and tank inspection

Foreign object search and retrieval

Reactor vessel inspection

Robotics and remote tooling


CROC Reels.

Reel Innovation, Real Value.

Reach Systems’ CROC reels are simple, durable and innovative, providing unique solutions for cable management across a wide range of applications and industries. Designed for ROVs, robots, sonar and camera cable applications, our reels are economical, durable, and adaptable, making them ideal for managing tethers on almost any type of remotely operated system.

Standard Reach Reel Features:

friction brake

Optional level wind assembly (adjustable)

Bulkhead connector for removable deck cables

Folding crank handle

Recessed folding

Optional cable

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